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Bali - Overall

so yeahhhhh.........

The flight to Bali was long, really long. We had our first flight of 12 hours to Kuala Lumpur, it wasn't actually too bad a flight. I slept for a bit, we had movies, did some sudoku and waited for it to be over. We got to KL groggy, hot and sleep deprived, it was our first hit of warm muggy weather in the whole trip.
We got some juice and coffee and had an hour or so to wait for our next flight. The three hour flight from KL to Bali was definitely worse for me, it just felt like it was taking forever. We watched some shows on the laptop though, this new show we've started watching called Breaking Bad. Good show.

We finally arrived at Bali around 12pm, and gee it was so hot. We weren't prepared for this kind of heat having been in freezing conditions for the last three months. We saw a queue that said 'visa on arrival' above it so lined up there. Got to the front of the line and the man tells us, individually as we had to go up one by one, that we need to buy a visa on the other side of the room first. We had thought this is where you bought it.. So we went and queued up at a different section to buy the visa. It was just unlucky we had missed the visa payment area as our flight exit meant we had come out past the area and too easily missed it. We paid 40 euros for both our visas as we still had euros we needed to get rid of. We then lined up again at the visa on arrival section, this time the line was much longer and we were much hotter. There was a family with a baby crying a few groups behind us, the man who was checking your passports and visas got up and came to the family and let the father and baby go straight to the front, which we thought was nice. I told Harry that he should start crying now so we can go through.

We got through with no problems and after collecting our bags we were met by a little Balinese man who had 'The Villas' on a sign for us. We walked in the heat for about ten minutes as our bodies were trying to deal with the abrupt heat. The Balinese man tried to carry our suitcase but as it is beyond broken he continually struggled. So we've told you how one wheel is clean off the bottom of the suitcase, well another wheel...instead of falling off the suitcase, it's actually cracked the bottom of the suitcase and been pushed up into bottom. So it has a little hole it just stays in, making it absolutely impossible to move around. After a lot of struggling harry took the suitcase from the man and let him carry just our day bag.

We got to the car and received an ice cold water which we gulped down. The ride to the hotel was nice, it was just interesting looking out the window and seeing such a different way of live, with families huddled around this small, old looking tv, and the stray dogs, the roads were just chaos, organized chaos.

We drove into the hotel, there was a car security check which we have found to be common in all resorts in Bali, and then checked in at reception. We had trouble connecting to the Internet as we needed to move funds into the right account so the hotel could reserve the accommodation cost plus an extra 15% for any damages etc. I even sat in the receptionist chair behind the desk whilst I tried on her computer to use the internet to move the funds. I felt like a fool when other guests walked into the reception and saw me there. After trying awhile it still wouldn't connect us to the Internet so we asked if we could go to our room and connect there and come back as soon as we had transferred the funds. She let us.

We got taken to our villa, number nine, and oh my god it was amazing!!!!! You walk in and there's this pool, not a small plunge pool, a normal sized pool just for us. There were chairs on the deck to relax by the pool as well. Then there was our kitchen and dining table, all outside but undercover. It was really cool. We had a sound system as well so you could plug in your iPod and the music would be through the kitchen and into the pool area. There was also an upstairs outside area above the kitchen, over looking the pool, which had a couch, table and tv set up. It was so nice. Downstairs past the kitchen we had glass doors leading to a bedroom, with a big four poster bed with that sheer material all around it and a tv as well. At the back of the bedroom there was a door leading to an outside but completely undercover bathroom. The shower was also a bath and you were basically showering or bathing in the outdoors. It was much more luxurious than it sounds!

The room was amazing. But first things first we quickly connected to the Internet, transferred the funds, then went back to reception and paid. From that moment onwards it was just relaxation time in Bali! There's no point in me going day by day for our time in Bali as we didn't do all that much, mostly relaxed by the pool.

We got a bunch of massages, almost one a day at our hotels spa Prana. It was a really professional fancy spa which we got a 50% discount for due to staying at The Villas hotel. The 50% discount made it very cheap and worthwhile. The day we arrived we both went to the spa and I got a deep tissue massage which hurt and h got the signature body massage which he still says was his favorite - no prodding or poking or hurting, just relaxing.

We booked another set of massages at another partner spa with our hotel called Chill. There was one that was good for migraines so I opted for that while Harry chose a less intense one. I must have been careless in reading the massage description, too easily accepting the words: acupressure, pressure point, and intense. We got to the spa, had the usual foot bath with exfoliation etc. then headed for our massage. It was in one huge room with about a dozen massage beds made up, you left all your clothes on which we thought was strange and they gave you an iPod to listen to soothing music - although Harry hated his music and pulled out the earphones. All I can say about that massage is that I will never get pressure point or acupressure massages again and i don't think Harry will either. I can't even begin to describe how much it hurt, there were moments I was just gonna tell him to stop! I've had a lot of deep tissue massages but this was just...intense. And yes yes yes we both felt better afterwards but never again i say.

Another massage we got was called 'slightly slimming' where were received a coffee body scrub, got washed off, then covered in seaweed gel and then our body was glad wrapped over the seaweed. We then got put into a steam room together for 20 minutes and that was no easy feat. Much more intense than as sauna, you feel your body sweat so much more from the hot steam. We were given cold drinks with ice when we got in so we ended up rubbing the ice on our faces and necks to cool down. We then were told to have a quick shower and then had an hour long massage. We both have the tendency to fall asleep in our massages only for a few minutes here and there. I fell asleep for this one, only waking up when my hand fell off the bed. They then give you this hot infused tea which doesn't taste nice and is the last thing you want in this weather. So that was an experience at the very least.

We got a hot and cold stone massage which we were both eager to try - i think Harry only wanted to try it because apparently Stephen Fry likes them :p it was actually a really great massage! The hot stones burnt a bit at the start but you get used to them very quickly. The cold stones were very infrequent and a little uncomfortable but knowing its good for your body, you just deal with it. We both really enjoyed it, even when they put little hot stones between your toes! My favorite massage overall.

On the last day of our time in Bali we had our last massage. Since Harry had raved about the signature massage I said lets do that one together. Something relaxing, no pain, just something peaceful. But hey. Just my luck. I got a newbie. This lady had no idea what she was doing most of the time, pausing the talk to Harry's masseuse every few minutes. I tried to enjoy most of it but found myself a little frustrated. So thats our massages covered!

Breakfast was included here even though we had our own kitchen so al,oat everyday we had the free option. I had frosties (cereal) one day cause I got sick of eggs. But breakfast was delicious, not buffet, you had a menu and could choose whatever. Was very good.

Most of our days were spent swimming in our private pool. It was so hot that you only had to stand in the outdoor kitchen for five minutes before wanting to jump back into the pool. Harry was a water baby, couldn't get him out of the pool if I tried! He got some nice color on him now, I don't think I tanned at all, just lucky that I didn't burn. We went for several walks down the street to the main road which had plenty of shops up and down there. Bought some singlets for h and but of course... A Ralph lauren tee... "only $20 amanda! Usually $40" and apparently it's genuine he says. Bought some other little things as well.

We had some nice meals here in Bali. We got a free breakfast cooked in our own villa by the staff here which was nice :) we also ate out down the street a few times, room service a few times.. We had a really nice BBQ for lunch where the staff came into our villa and cooked it and prepared it all for us...different meats, salad, prawn bisque and ice cream for dessert. It was really nice, they left candles around the pool which we later lit that night when we went for another swim.

My parents are coming to Bali in a month and also are staying in Seminyak at the W resort so one afternoon we went to check out where they were staying. It's easy getting a taxi in bali, you walk down the street and within five minutes you'll get beeped at half a dozen times as the taxis slow down to see if you want a ride. There seems to be a lot of security around guests leaving, and coming and going within villas and other hotels. Besides the car security checks, the security guard who stands at the front of the hotel and helps you cross the busy road if need be...he always makes a note what villa number you are and in the case of visiting the w resort...what taxi number it is and where we are going. The taxi ride took about 20 minutes with a lot of traffic on the roads.

The W resort was amazing. You drive down this super long entrance with just greenery around you and some fountains whilst on this cobblestone road. The entrance is huge and open with a bar and lounge area. We walked down to the pool area and wow! So modern, so huge, just really beautiful. It was also right on the beach with little private lounges on the sand. It looked incredible. My parents picked well. We walked around the resort, checking out the spa (which was so expensive compared to ours) and then relaxed near the bar. There was a chess/checkers board where we played checkers about five times, Harry come out on top...only just! Just before we set to leave, we saw my dads friend who my dad has told me was there With his family. It was a big coincidence we saw him as the place is huge. We spoke to him for a few minutes then caught a taxi back to the villas. Our taxi driver straight away told us it was a minimum of 25,000 rupiahs which is $2.50. He kept repeating it and we kept saying ok ok. We had paid 29 thousand or $2.90 on the way there - so cheap compared to Melbourne!! I just had a feeling about this guy being shifty so when we arrived at our hotel, Harry paid with a 50,000 note and the driver gave back a handful of 5,000's. Without even getting out of the car I told harry to count it. He'd given us short change. Realizing we had noticed, he reluctantly gave over the rest. We've found that you get short changed here a lot, even overseas overall a lot. The other day when we got sunscreen it was by 500 rupiah, sounds a lot but it was only fifty cents so you let those go.

We are leaving tonight for Melbourne, home sweet home, a 5 hour 30 minute flight. We are going to jimbaran bay to have a beautiful dinner on the beach to mark our very last dinner on the trip :) then we head to the airport for our last overnight flight!

The people in Bali are so friendly, almost too friendly, it's always "excuse me mister harry' 'excuse me miss amanda'. But Bali has been great. The perfect way to end an absolutely amazing, incredible holiday. We have loved every minute of our 81 day around the world holiday. From when our rickshaw broke down in prague in the middle of the main road, to the flight to new York when the lady in front of us changed her babies diaper right there for all to smell. Thanks for reading our blog, we know they must have been dull at least sometimes... Our new York blogs have hit over 1200 views which has surprised us a lot and our blog about Anne franks house 'Amsterdam to cologne' got featured on this blog website for everyone to see on the home page! Anyway, we will never forget this trip, it's been amazing, until next time.... :)

Amanda and Harry :)



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What an amazing adventure!!! Thanks guys for allowing us to follow your daily activities and share your varied experiences. It really was a pleasure reading each new entry.

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