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Goodbye Paris

Goodbye Europe

Another full day of sightseeing for us, today is our last day of using the Museum Pass until it expires, so big day of sights and plenty of museums to make the pass worthwhile. Paris is so big with so many things to see and do, it’s impossible to fit it all in, I suppose at the end of the day you can only see what you have time to see, no point rushing around and stressing about it all. We also have on the agenda today the football game and Amanda has a massage booked for around three.

We started our day early, leaving the hotel just before nine, we headed to the Notre Dame, our hotel is in walking distance to the cathedral, so no metro required. It was still dark when we left for the Notre Dame, the sun just coming up for the day, it was quite chilly out, hopefully it will warm up later on.

We arrived at the Notre Dame, it’s massive compared to the surrounding buildings, along the way we past some pedestrian bridges with love locks, where couples write/engrave there names onto the lock and lock it onto the bridge and throw the keys into the river, the whole bridge had thousands of locks locked onto it. With the morning sunrise, we entered the huge cathedral, having seen many cathedrals, it didn’t stand out as much, compared to the ones we had seen, but it was still beautiful. Really huge and beautiful.

From the Notre Dame we headed to another church, much smaller when compared to the Notre Dame, the church is called “Saint Chappelle” and it was tiny, two rooms and that’s it. It was such a beautiful church, one of the best we have visited, with detail everywhere, the massive stained glass windows covered the walls, with great detail and so much colour, the room was just littered with colour and light. It was such a stunning church, unfortunately one wall had current restorations on at the time, a must visit when visiting Paris.

With two churches out the way, it was time to get our art on. We made our way on foot to the Louvre, second time round, since failing to make it before it closed last night. We noticed when walking into the entrance of the Louvre that it was much prettier at night, in saying that though, it is beautiful both night and day. We dropped off our coats and bags at the cloakroom and made our way in. The Louvre is huge, just massive, both of us being not big art lovers, we just came to see the famous pieces, mind you while walking through the Louvre we probably missed famous art works heaps of times and not even known. We saw the major attractions: the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo, the museum is easy to get lost in, as we did once or twice.

With being on our feet all morning, Amanda was tired so we walked back to the hotel so she can rest and go to her massage which would be soon, while Amanda rested, I went out to see some other museums. Once Amanda was back at the hotel I headed back out to the Pantheon, which was close to us in the Latin Quarter of Paris. On my own, I was very cautious trying not to get lost, which was a failure, I got lost on the way, taking a long route to get there. Once I did get there, the building stuck out like a sore thumb, just looked as though it didn’t belong there. Going inside, it was huge and the dome on the roof was massive. There was a very cool crypt underneath, which everyone seemed to be missing; it was very well lit, making it almost eerie.

Leaving the pantheon I got very lost and took a massive detour through the Latin Quarter back to the Notre Dame. Once arriving at the cathedral, it was roped off with police tape, and no one was allowed in, as some ceremony was going on, luckily we went this morning was my thought. In front of the Notre Dame is a museum, the “Crypte archéologique “. You have to walk down steps, where the museum is located underground, containing old remains of Paris from the 18th century.

Back onto the streets of Paris, I followed the Seine, looking at the beautiful buildings along the way and the few vendors selling souvenirs such as paintings, books, mementos etc. Eventually it led me to the Musee D'orsay an amazing museum offering a massive collection of Vincent Van Gogh, paintings by him such as Starry Night, The siesta and his self portrait. Also on offer in the museum, is the painting Whistlers Mother, many might know from the Mr. Bean movie, I didn’t have to sneeze luckily when viewing the painting.

Getting close to the time I should head back, as Amanda will have completed her massage and we had the pool booked after it, I quickly made my way to the last museum for the day, Musée de l'Armée. The museum boasted a massive military exhibition, from major battles to both world wars, as well as Napoleon’s tomb. When arriving to the museum, there was a great view of the canons on display as well as the Eiffel tower in the background. Cutting it close until I had to get back I quickly had a look at the World War Two exhibition on display, and it was fantastic, the best one I have seen so far. With a great display of weapons, the attacks made, the uniforms, it was really well done. After making my way through the exhibition I quickly went and viewed napoleon’s tomb. The room it was located in was massive, with a great big drop in the middle in the shape of circle, and in it was this massive marble tomb.

Making my way back to the hotel, I was cutting it close, rushing back as fast as I could, I covered a fair bit of ground, and got there just in time, well fifteen minutes late but still. Amanda enjoyed her massage but wasn’t the best one she had so far. The spa area of the hotel is really quite nice, from the ground floor you have to walk down a long flight of stairs, then enter a room that’s dark, lit with mostly candles, it’s very tranquil, the pool is tiny though, so just good for a quick dip and that’s it really.

After having a bit of swim, we headed back up to the room and slowly showered and got ready, we had some dinner in and then made our way out again to catch the train to the football game. We had to catch two trains there, the first train wasn’t packed but the second was, luckily we only had to spend one or two stops on this carriage until we arrived. When arriving we followed the crowd from the station to the stadium. When entering the stadium we got the usual pat down and search through your bag, we had our metal Kathmandu drink bottle on us, they informed us we couldn’t take it in as we could throw it and hit someone. So we had to leave it at the counter where we could pick it up after the game.

It was PSG’s first game back from the winter break, versing Ajaccio it should have been an easy win for them, that’s what it seemed liked in the first half, with many frustrating misses by the side. As usual the key striker in the team Ibrahimovic did what he does best and played a lazy style of football, showing minimal effort (as you probably can tell I don’t rate him as a player that much, Amanda took one look at him and agreed). The stadium crowd reach 42,008 people, giving a hell of a lot of noise, but as the second half proceeded it failed to do so, as the home side started to play sloppy and unattractive football. With a red card handed to Thiago Motta the Parisian side now faced Ajaccio with ten men, allowing the game to open up, Ajaccio players had more of a chance for goals but didn’t capitalize. The game wound up in a disappointing performance by PSG, in a goal-less draw.

Heading home from the game proved to be not as much as a nightmare from what we experienced in Munich, we intended to get a taxi back, but this once again was a challenge. We could not find any taxi’s and headed to the metro thinking it would packed, but surprisingly it wasn’t, and was easier then we thought to get back to the hotel where we crashed for the night.

With a massive day down and out the way in Paris, as well as our Museum Passes having expired, we both woke up the next day so tired and lethargic, we planned to go out later, but decided we were too tired, so having a rest was in order. The rest of our time in Paris was spent not sightseeing but just relaxing, staying in the room, and going out every now and then, sometimes to the spa, looking at the little shops, along the way. Our time in Europe slowly came to a draw; it has been such a massive trip, it was sad to say good bye, but both now looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing at all for our time in Bali. We caught a flight on our last day at 12pm, meaning we had to be at the airport three hours before, it was going to be a long twelve hour flight to Kuala Lumpur then from there a smaller three hour flight to Bali. Good bye Europe.



Amanda planning on the map



Notre Dame Cathedral



St. Chapelle


One of those love lock bridges






The Louvre




The Pantheon




Secret photos of Van Goghs work


Outside the army museum


The world war 2 exhibition



Napoleons Tomb




The PSG Game

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