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Big day in Paris

After a day of travelling, arriving into Paris and one day spent at Disneyland, we now have a full day of sightseeing, we have a list of what we can get done today, well what we aim for. First item for the day is the Eiffel Tower; we are catching the ever-so-reliable Paris metro system to get there, with two changes along the way. The weather is not fantastic today but we will make the most of it and do what we can.

Once we were ready to leave this morning, we caught the metro, changing to another line, and then arriving at our required stop. While walking from the metro station to the Eiffel tower, which is conveniently directed to you by the use of arrows from the station, we stumbled upon the Australian Embassy. Amanda was puzzled to why I would be taking more photos of the Australian flag and the sign instructing the embassy is in a particular direction, instead of the Eiffel tower, which had just some into view.

It was a very foggy day, the top of the tower was caught in the clouds and it was spitting occasionally. The line to purchase the tickets to make your way up was not long, which was a nice surprise, from what I have heard and read on the Internet, the lines at the tower can be notoriously long. After a short time in line, we eventually made it to the front and purchased our tickets. Two elevators take you to the top, the first stopping in the middle, the second taking you right to the very top.

When we reached the top there wasn’t much to see, not much to see at all, it was only when the clouds moved past when you got a glimpse of hectic Paris down below. With not much to see at the top, we did the walk around and headed down to the lower platform, which was below the clouds. From the lower platform there was a much better view on display. We watched the traffic of the streets for a while, while walking to the tower, we noticed a massive amount of taxis driving at a slow pace, escorted by the police. Now with the view from the tower we had a clear view of the taxis blocking the traffic on one of the bridges below, it was quite entertaining.

After our entertainment from the taxis and the view, we had some lunch at the top from their canteen area. Not a lot of options on offer and a bit of a wait, not because of the line but the massive order of the person in front of me. The view from the tower was really good, couldn’t imagine how much better it would be on a clear sunny day from the top. Once getting back down to the ground we ticked the Eiffel tower off the list and made our way to another Parisian must see: the Arc De Triomphe.

So back on the metro, towards our stop, our time spent in Paris… I don’t think we have had to wait longer than ten minutes for a train, now that I think about it I don’t think we have had to wait ten minutes either, our longest would have been probably around seven minutes, god why can’t we do that back in Melbourne. Once at our stop, we walk up out of the subway and onto the top of Champs Elysees, then down stairs again underground, under the busy traffic to the entry of the Arc.
Once at the window for ticket entry into the Arc, we notice that with a Museum Pass it was free entry to the monument, something we had originally planned on purchasing, we decided to buy it today. The pass offered free entry to many, many museums, different prices for the number of days you can make the pass valid for. We opted to have the pass valid for two days, as it suited our pockets better money wise, also we could get what we want to see within those two days and still make the pass a money saver.

With our pass purchased and our details filled onto the pass, we made our way to the top. Here is a free hint about the passes, you fill in the details, even the date from when you validate the pass, so I suggest if you are in Paris long enough, buy the Pass for two days, but use it on a day that ends in a one that way you can use it for the first of what month, then the second, have a rest and turn that first into a fourth and you have your extra two days for free. I thought of this too late, so not sure if we could have done that but would have been good if we did.

We made our way to the top of the arc, there are many steps to the top, once getting there we took a moment to sit and have some water from the little work out. The view from the top was very cool, with the bus streets below and all the roads connecting to the one roundabout, we took our time up there and made our way around taking photos. When walking down we both counted how many steps there were, once at the bottom without either of us revealing what we had once finishing counting, we asked a staff member how many steps there were. I cannot remember the official number, but we both were had the same number although we were off by ten, so that made us think that maybe the staff member we had asked was wrong.

Now for what they call in French the most beautiful avenue in the world, we started our massive walking adventure for the day, with walking down Champs Elysees. We stopped off early in the walk down the strip to sit down at one of the many cafes located on the street. As we walked down further we made our way into a Mercedes shop, having three vintage cars on display. Next shop was H’n’M which Amanda and I don’t agree on, I say we spent nearly an hour there, where she believes otherwise. Anyways after walking around the shop as a human hook to place the coat hangers on for clothes for Amanda to try on, we eventually got out of there with Amanda getting some nice new clothes.

Both tired from H’n’M as it was just so hectic and stuffy in there with a really big sale on, we walked our way down towards the end. We found the PSG (Paris Saint-Germain F.C.) boutique shop; we strolled through and found the ticket counter for tomorrow’s game against AC Ajaccio, both excited for the game now, which is tomorrow night. Kick off time is around nine and we have tickets for the second level. With the boutique located towards the end of the strip of shops, we kept walking down the streets, towards the Louvre. We had researched earlier that the Louvre closed late tonight. It was a really long walk, exhausting! We saw all the closed christmas markets which we would have loved to have been open. A delicious hot dog or crepe or chocolate covered anything would have hit the spot.

Paris gets even more beautiful at night, when reaching the Louvre it was beautifully lit up in the lights, such a beautiful amazing city. When getting to the Louvre, making our way through the sellers trying to sell you some french souviners df and taking some photos of me pretneding to be Robert Langdon from the Da Vinci Code.

When inside we were informed that the Louvre was actually closed, that we actully got the day mixed up and that it stays open later on a different day. With that news, most musuem closed and tired from our full day out, we made our way back to the hotel, continiuing our massive walk there. Our walk took ages together but we evetually made our way back, stopping at the supermarket to get some food for dinner, just some simple pasta with some stir through sauce. A big day of seeing things and some shopping in Paris, had such a good day, Paris is just wow, lives up to the expectations that is placed on to it. Another big day tomorrow, using the musuem pass purchased today to its full extent and getting out moneys worth out of it.





the metro station














Eiffel Tower


taxi strike












Arc de triomphe


harry going crazy...again


Champs Elysees



PSG Shop










the louvre


harry relaxing after a long day

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