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Paris - Disneyland

Today was our first full day in Paris and we were really excited to be here. We hadn’t exactly planned what we would do today but we were going to finalize it during breakfast. We headed downstairs to the breakfast room, which was basically in a massage room of the spa area. It was tiny. Probably the worst choice and variety we had seen on our entire 81-day journey so far. Harry had some pastries and such, and I was planning to go back to the room and just have cereal: Frosties, my new favourite cereal on the trip.

We started planning how many days we had in Paris and our options for what to do on which day. We had a few things locked in our schedule such as the PSG game (Paris-Saint-Germain soccer game) on the Friday night as well as a massage booked for Friday. We decided to use the 2 day Museum Pass on weekdays as we thought the weekend would be busier. So out of the blue, at the last minute, we came to the conclusion that we had to go to Disneyland today! The reason was, our museum pass had to be used in two consecutive days; it was Wednesday today meaning either Wednesday and Thursday OR Thursday and Friday. Friday we had the massage booked and the soccer game so we realized we had to go to Disneyland today to get the most out of the week.

So with Harry super excited to be going to another theme park we quickly packed a day bag, got our tickets and left for Disneyland. We found our nearest metro station, Odeon, went down the stairs to the station and tried to buy tickets. You’d think getting metro tickets would be easy, but no, there were so many different options such as 3-6 day passes. Even one of the metro staff came and helped us, advising us on a different option every few minutes. We ended up just buying a day pass, it wasn’t cheap though, 30 euros, only because we were going to the outermost zone.

The train ride wasn’t too bad, only 40 minutes, we arrived at the park around 11:30am but weren’t too concerned at how late we’d arrived as the park didn’t close until 7pm so we had plenty of time. We had tickets for both the Disneyland park and the one across from it. As we got out of the metro station it was absolutely freezing. One of the coldest days we’d ever experienced on our holiday. Harry wasn’t dressed very warmly, being only in a hoodie, and I had a jumper and my big jacket on and I was still incredibly cold.

We decided to go to the Walt Studio park across from Disneyland first as it was smaller and we thought we would get that out of the way. Harry started looking at souvenir shops to find an extra jacket or jumper to warm him up but as we expected, it ended up being expensive. We walked through the entrance to the Walt Studio park and it looked amazing. It was all-undercover at the start, like a hall, with food shops on either side as well as souvenir shops. The entrance looked a lot like a studio, as well as the inside.

We got some food as it was about lunchtime and then headed for the rides. The first ride we went to was an Aerosmith ride. You couldn’t see the actual ride so we read the description and it sounded like a rollercoaster type ride with loops. I decided not to go on it even after repetitive convincing from Harry. I waited outside for what seemed like ages as it was freezing, finally he came out and had loved it. Apparently it was really lucky I didn’t go on because it had flashing lights and loud music and just threw you around and was intense…something not so great for my migraine situation!

After walking around a bit more we found that most of the rides were closed, probably because it was winter and everything seems to always be closed or under construction at this time. The second ride we came to was the tower of terror, it was identical to the one in the California Adventure park in L.A. and Harry had loved it last time so he set off to go on again. As soon as we got to the ride there were two guys dressed in outfits as if they were hotel employees, like a porter or something. We hadn’t even gone near the line to the ride, we were about to sit on the chairs on the other side of the pathway, when all of a sudden one of the dressed up guys for the ride walks all the way over and stands less than a metre in front of harry. And he just stares. Stares and smiles. For about ten seconds he does this without talking or anything. Harry and I just look at each other with no idea what’s going on. Then the guy puts his hand out to shake Harry’s hand still smiling and staring into his eyes, he hasn’t even looked at me for a second. Harry shook his hand and then the guy, somewhat reluctantly looks at me and shakes my hand as well, then he turns to his friend on the other side of the pathway, smiles really broadly, raises his eyebrows, turns back to us, smiles and stares at harry some more, then walks back to his post at the entrance to the ride. It was the weirdest thing. The only possible explanation is that he obviously liked the look of Harry and wanted to get closer! I think I definitely have some competition… I tried to get a photo of him inconspicuously while Harry was on the ride, but just as I tried to he swapped shifts with another employee. It was pretty funny, I teased Harry for the rest of the day about it!

Despite his little boyfriend, Harry loved the tower of terror, he might not admit it but his fear of elevators definitely came into play as the ride is basically you sitting in an elevator and it just goes up really high and closes and drops. After that we went back to the entrance of the Walt Studio theme park and looked some more at the souvenir shops. I got a nice Disney breakfast type bowl and I think H got a mug.

So then we moved onto the Disneyland theme park, having only recently been to the Los Angeles Disneyland we knew what to expect and we had high expectations. We walked through the entrance and straightaway saw the big castle that is the entrance into one if it’s lands: Fantasyland. We both agreed that the castle was much better here in Paris Disneyland than L.A’s, it was more recently done by the looks of it and looked more authentic. We started walking down the famous main street USA whilst a parade was going on, we just walked behind it with others and got lots of looks!

We stopped at a bakery and got a tea and coffee as it was absolutely freezing outside. As we got our drinks the cashier asked if we were Australian and if we were on holidays back in Australia as she’d seen several other Australian families around today. The drinks warmed us up and we set off in search of our first ride. Honestly, we didn’t know where to start! We went to Frontierland first and saw the main Riverboat just about to leave, so with a super quick decision we thought lets just jump on that. Little did we know it was a 20 minute ride around the river… not the most entertaining thing in the world but it gave Harry the opportunity to get some good photos whilst I tried to warm up in the little room on the top deck. There was a ride called the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster, which, to our surprise, was actually in the center of the river therefore what we were effectively circling. We couldn’t see an entrance to it anywhere such as a bridge leading to the middle of the river so we were a bit puzzled how to get there but figured we would work it out later.

After the riverboat ride finished we rushed ahead of a large group to the Phantom Manor, which was similar to the haunted house in Los Angeles Disneyland. It was the same concept; a small little carriage type thing and you just spun around in your carriage and saw ghosts… not a very thrilling ride. So in need of some excitement we went in search of how to get to the Big Thunder Railroad rollercoaster in the centre of the river. I had a look on the map and saw the entrance wasn’t in the middle of the river where the ride was situated but on the same side as we were standing. So we found the entrance, lined up, as usual the line you don’t choose always goes quicker, so after a half hour of waiting we finally got on. It was a really good rollercoaster, same as the L.A one, but yeah really good. The ride actually went into a cave below the river and came up in the middle of the river, which solved our mystification.

We moved along to Adventure Land in search of the Indiana Jones ride. We got lost in some sort of caves and went through some character’s tree house and bridge still searching. Once we figured out where to go we quickly went toilet and when I came out I found Harry on the phone to my dad. So he passed the phone over and immediately I thought oh no what’s wrong! But apparently the hotel we are staying at called my mum’s mobile asking if we were still attending our 5pm Pool booking at the hotel!! What the! At our hotel, it’s absolutely ridiculous; you have to book to use the pool, this tiny pool that they call a spa. So we booked it yesterday, not realizing we would be at Disneyland and actually miss it. But for whatever reason, they called my mum, as I must have written down her number. My mum had no idea and just said that she would think we would still go so keep the reservation. So stupid!

So after that we found the Indiana Jones ride. There is an Indiana Jones ride in Los Angeles Disneyland and it’s a really good one, more of a family ride but some bumps and drops that are good. So that’s what I was expecting. That particular ride had been closed when we’d gone to L.A earlier in the holiday but I’d been previously with my parents and sister. However, this ride was completely hidden, you could see it was a rollercoaster but you couldn’t see what it did. I couldn’t see if it had any really high drops or loops or anything. I’ve always avoided 360 degree loops and never been on one… Anyway, with Harry convincing me and my dad having said to me just to go on the ride for him, I thought what the hell I’ll just do it. So we walked through and there was basically no line, we were on the next cart to go. Just before we got called up to go on the ride I saw this teenage girl who was about to go on, she backed away and said she didn’t want to do it and she did an action with her hand signaling a 360 degree loop. I thought oh crap. But I just kept telling myself she was wrong, there’s no way she could see it or know. As my luck would have it, we were in the first carriage of the ride…IN THE FRONT SEAT. I was petrified! Even today, I can’t believe I went on that ride. As soon as we started ascending Harry had looked to the right and had seen a huge 360-degree loop. He assumed I’d seen it and asked if I was scared. Luckily I hadn’t seen it, I hadn’t looked around at all, I was basically scared stiff and just staring ahead of what was about to come. The ride was awesome though, amazing. And the loop, I only realized there was a loop once we were in it! The ride really threw you around and it was a really awesome ride, probably the best at the park by far.

We headed through the castle entrance of Fantasyland to the ‘It’s a small world’ ride. The line was quick thankfully, and it was a family ride but still a nice one. You basically sit in a little boat and you go through rooms with different country after different country. The song definitely gets stuck in your head though. Afterwards we went on the ‘Snow White’ kids ride, which we felt like fools for going on but it was a nice little kids ride. We got some hot drinks again as it started pouring down with rain. We continued on though, heading for Discovery land. Harry went on the Star Tours ride, basically a Star Wars simulator; he said it was identical to the one in L.A, just as boring. I got some food and sat down whilst Harry got a fast pass for Space Mountain Mission 2 – a fast pass allows you to come back at a certain time of the day and skip all the lines and get straight on. So he went on that 4 times as it was raining and I think a lot of people had left.

We headed back to the Indiana Jones ride and Harry went on another 2 times, and as the rain got heavier we headed out of the park to Downtown Disney – a little section with restaurants and souvenir shops just outside of the parks. We ate at Planet Hollywood, had a look through a few Souvenir shops, caught the metro 40 minutes home and went back to the hotel and crashed for the night, ready for another huge day tomorrow!



































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