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Last night we made it into Strasbourg, our second last town in Europe, it’s so close to the end now, it has been a long trip, both of us are looking forward to Paris and Bali. Today we have a full day, with a couple of things on our list to go do; we started our day around nine thirty making our first stop at Petite-France, an area in Strasbourg that has these old buildings typical of an Alsacien (the region which Strasbourg is located within France) period.

We made our way on foot to Petite-France and once getting there it did not let it self down, it was such a picturesque place, the old housing, the cobble stone streets, the little bridges going over the water, a very pretty little area. Smaller towns like this seem to be quieter now, with Christmas and New Years truly out the way, more and more cafes and shops have closed up for the winter break. Shops closing up provide its positives and negatives: the towns are more quiet and a relaxed environment, whereas on the negative: it makes it harder to find places to eat, and if you do want to go into a store where you see something in the shop window, mostly likely it’s closed.

After having a stroll through Petite-France, we followed the water until arriving to the Musée Alsacien. The museum was not really meant to be a stop, as we had gone through on what to do and see in Luxembourg yesterday while eating lunch, I think this stop was bookmarked on the iPad as a joke. Seeing that we were there now, the entry was something like three euros each and hey, who doesn’t want to say that they have seen the Alsacien Museum in Strasbourg. We made our way inside through the museum that described the way the house was built, to the way they lived and dressed, it wasn’t that bad, was interesting to a certain extent. Amanda thought it was a bit of a waste of time…

Once our brain was full of knowledge on the Alsacien life, we found a little café, stopping for an espresso and tea, with our next place on the agenda being the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. The cathedral is located in the great big main square in the town, with the Palais Rohan being located in the square as well. The Notre-Dame was huge and over powered every building surrounding it in the city, the façade had great detail in sculpture. Contrary to the outside, the inside of the church had less detail, with giant pillars leading up to the very high ceiling, it was a very pretty church. The Palais Rohan contained three art exhibitions, but we decided not to go in as admission was expensive. The main square had two sections, the first smaller section was in the front entrance of the cathedral, it had souvenir shops surrounding it, the other section was on the side of the church and was the entrance to the Palais Rohan. The second section seemed as the better section of the square, but seeing most things we visit so far have been under construction, the whole section was blocked off and under construction.

We browsed through a couple of souvenir shops, buying a sticker, I tried on a couple of the hats on offer, I looked like a fool. We found a restaurant that was cheap and offered pretty much everything. It was right off the main square and was busier than the other restaurants. Amanda had the steak and chips while I had the chips and sausages; both were nice and filling for the rest of the day’s activities. After staying in the restaurant for a while and resting, we headed back out onto the streets to make our way to a little church we found on trip advisor that had great reviews.

Whilst walking there we got a bit lost, it wasn’t as close as the other things we had visited today, but we were heading that way for the other sights anyway. Whilst walking we came across some buildings, we weren’t sure what they were but thought they might be their courthouses. They were spectacular, across the river these buildings were huge with amazing architecture. So thanks to my misguiding directions we saw another beautiful area of Strasbourg, in saying that, once we did find the location of the church bookmarked on the map, it wasn’t a church at all, it was just some building, we both couldn’t stop laughing when finding out that it was just some random building.

Around the corner from the random building was Strasbourg’s opera theatre “Opéra National du Rhin”. There were trees that led to the building; it was a beautifully designed building with huge detailed sculptures all over the building. From here we walked to the Palais Rohan, I should explain, when looking up the location of Palais Rohan yesterday, it came up with two locations, the first was the one we have already visited and the second being here, so thought why not visit both seeing as both locations were near other sights. We walked to the so called Palais Rohan, as you did, you entered a small park area, which had a monument in the middle, with Palais Rohan on the left, which we found out was a university and the right had some other building but looked important. Both buildings were really huge and like all the older buildings in Strasbourg so far, were quite spectacular.

On the busy main road we caught a taxi to a main park called “ Park Orangerie”, it wasn’t too far, less than ten minutes and only cost something like five euros. The taxi driver dropped us off at the park entrance, there was a building with a restaurant there, so both of us needing to go toilet thought about getting something to drink so we can use the toilet. Peeping through the window though there seemed to be some sort of function on, also in the same building before the entrance to the restaurant was a bowling alley, tempted to go, but decided not to last minute. We walked into the park and were greeted by a great big beautiful lake, as well as a beautiful toilet sign, the toilets in Europe are amazingly clean, generally speaking.

The park was really beautiful, the lake was nice, we sat down and just people watched for a bit as well as dog watching. We went up to the lake and a dog came up to us, both of us taking the opportunity to pat it. We walked through the park, we found out later that the park offers a small free zoo but hadn’t seen it while walking around. As we strolled the course of the park we came to the end, where the European Parliament was, well it wasn’t the actual parliament, it was one of the EU’s building’s, can’t remember the name of it, the parliament was situated behind it across the water. By now Amanda was tired from all the walking, but I wanted to find it, we tried to walk behind the building and see it, but after walking in circles we couldn’t find it so called it quits and pretended that this EU building (that had all the EU nations flags in the front) was of importance and headed back to the hotel via taxi.

That was all the sightseeing for the day, it was now around four or so in the afternoon, when we got back we rested our legs for a bit, then checked the train times online, after picking what train time we wanted to catch for the next day, I headed to the station to set our seat reservations. I say if anyone decides to go to Europe and travel via Europe’s extensive train network, book the seat reservations first through your travel agent, it would make things so much easier. When I got to the train station there was a massive line, waiting in line for at least twenty minutes until getting served. The train we wanted was full and had no seats left for holders of the Eurail pass, so we had to go for the earlier train, which wasn’t that bad, only an hour earlier and luckily we got a train.

After getting our reservations, I got back to the room; Amanda had packed everything up into the suitcase for tomorrow’s departure, I took Amanda’s order for dinner, another cheap dinner of McDonalds. That’s another tip, when it comes to being cheap while travelling; the best meal you can get is mickey dees, usually a meal out in Europe can cost us twenty to twenty five euros each, while maccas can cost us ten euros and that’s with our usual order of fries, vanilla milkshake and plain Sundae for Amanda, Big Mac, a random burger that is unique to the particular country we are in, six or nine nuggets, fries and a drink for me, so unhealthy but so cheap.

Tomorrow we leave for Paris; it will be our last train trip in Europe, which we both are happy about, very happy about. We have a morning train of ten sixteen, and it only takes around two hours to get there. We both are excited to see Paris, but our time in Europe has nearly drawn to a close, sad to leave and excited to move on.









the Alsacien museum




harry going a bit crazy


As usual, there's construction going on



Notre-Dame cathedral



where the so called church was supposed to be...
but clearly wasn't



a little lost



the university



amanda gets excited when she sees a dog
that looks even a little like nala :p


the lake


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