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There is a lot to see in Brussels, on the iPad we have bookmarked several sites on the maps application, so we had a lot of ground to cover, with things to do and things to see, we started our day in great fashion…. Oversleeping. I take the blame for that, I kept on pressing the snooze button on the phone, we missed our breakfast included by the hotel, so now it being more lunchtime then morning time, we had food from the Christmas market to feed our stomach.

Before leaving the hotel to get some food, we made sure that our new room was ready to go, going from two single rooms to an executive suite, we both wanted to really make sure we were able to move, as the current rooms we have now are tiny. Luckily the room was ready, so off to the market to eat, one of the best things to do at a Christmas market, finding a place that does German sausages, had sausages for both of us, also sharing some sort of potato hash that came with apple sauce.

While walking back from eating, we found a café along the way called Opera Drug, it was a really cool looking building on the outside and the inside matched the outside, it looked like something that belongs at Disneyland. It was a really cool café, it was big, with three to four levels, and extremely busy inside, and we had to walk up the stairs to the top level to find a table. The place reminded you of a pancake parlor, the menu had really everything on it, but concentrated more on the dessert side, with all types of ice cream combinations possible, another similarity was everything was sticky!

We just wanted a coffee, I was also thirsty wanting a coca cola as well, so as the waiter came around I ordered my order of two drinks, also going to add the vanilla milkshake for Amanda, but once I finished what I wanted he was gone, and couldn’t be found again to make the addition to our order. It was only until he came back with the coffee and coke for me that we could order the vanilla milkshake. The menu on offer with all the desserts looked so nice, it was a place we just had to came back to and get something, we didn’t want anything now as we were just way to full.

Once back at the hotel we got our new set of keys, we started to move all of our stuff to our new room, the new room was on a lower level then our current rooms, also having taken stuff out of our bags yesterday, things were everywhere. We got to our new room and it was just so so so much bigger, I think our bathroom in the new room was the same size as our entire previous room. Was so much better, the hotel wasn’t anything flash, therefore the new room décor wasn’t anything amazing, but now our room had a kettle, mini bar, bath plus shower, couch, safe, things that should really be in every hotel room maybe minus the couch and bath, so it was just much bigger.

As we settled in our new room, I went down and dropped off the old set of keys to reception, went back to the room, went to use the iPad, couldn’t find it anywhere. Looked everywhere around the room but wasn’t anywhere. I ran back down to reception to get the keys for the old room, ran inside the room couldn’t see it anywhere, now I was panicking, really panicking, running through my head when I used it last, did we have it with us when we went out to get food. As I searched high and low in the two old rooms, I flipped over a hotel magazine; there underneath was the iPad, so happy to just find it.

We settled in the room for awhile, showered then got ready to go to mini Europe, a sort of theme park with no rides, that has the countries of the E.U and miniature models of famous/significant buildings or sights of that particular country, for example, Italy contained a model of Leaning tower of Pisa. The park was just outside of town, so we acquired a metro map and went to the nearest metro station to catch our train, we had to change at one station then get another train to the second last stop of the line.

We got to the park, bought our tickets and went through the entrance gate. Immediately as you walk through the gate, a photographer bombards you, with his accomplice: a person in costume of the park’s mascot. We tried to say no, but seeing the mascot grabbed Amanda’s arm and pulled her in for a photo how could you say no.

We walked around the park for a while, following the marked route to see all of the miniature models. They had cool models; the one stand-out was mount Vesuvius that erupts. They had so many different countries and models; We spent maybe an hour or so just following the marked route. Each country had a button that once pressed played the music of their national anthem, Amanda sung the Maltese anthem and I sung the Hungarian national anthem. There was also a mini lake that had model boats in it that could be controlled by steering wheels, costing a euro each. Amanda and I paid, Amanda got her boat going fine, moving it around the park; mine however got stuck in a corner and against a wall. I tried to reverse, go forward, all directions of the wheel, but couldn’t get it to budge; towards the last minute I got it working.

After seeing the whole park we walked back to the station, upon exiting the park, we walked past a stand, as we walked past, a lady shoved a photo of Amanda and I, as well as a smaller photo inside a key chain. We realized it was the photos they took when you first walked into the park. Both of the photos were really nice photos of us together, so we bought one large photo of us as well as two key rings with photos of us inside it. We caught the metro back into town, got back to our room and rested in the room, tired from walking around Europe all day, it’s tiring seeing Europe in a day.

We relaxed in the room for a bit, we both went to the gym for a bit, wasn’t a great gym. Anyone could see into the gym, which was small with only four different types of equipment. The windows looking into the gym was of a walkway that was outside, so as people walked by they’d just stare inside. Afterwards we went out to get some takeaway. While waiting for the food to be made at our usual kebab shop, we got tickets see the film Argo, at the cinema across the road from our hotel.

After eating dinner, we headed out to see the movie; we took some snacks with us that we had bought throughout the trip. It was just a bag really full of different chocolates, candy and random food we have bought as well as a can of coke we’d had stocked in our fridge. As we walked into the cinema, the man told us we couldn’t bring it in. Thinking it was a stupid rule of no outside drinks or food allowed, we headed back to the room quickly to drop some of our stuff off. We stuffed some candy inside our pockets. I was wearing my jeans, as my jeans sit low on me, I put my can of coke down my pants, but as we walked back into the cinema, walking down the stairs to the entrance, the can of coke fell down my pants further into my leg. He didn’t notice or if he did just didn’t want to bother asking why I had a can of coke down my pants.

By now the movie had just started, we missed probably around thirty-seconds of the start, sat down, got comfy in our seats and watched the movie. It seemed as though that no one was eating or drinking through the whole movie just us, so obviously the rule in the cinema was actually no food or drink at all allowed. It was a really great movie; Amanda and I really enjoyed it. It was funny at the end of the film as we had to dispose of the empty coke can, so Amanda tried to squish it, but it was too noisy. After the movie it was around eleven thirty, we headed back to the room to sleep, we have an early start tomorrow heading to Brugge for the day and back in Brussels for new years eve!



[center]Our new room


such a good train system





































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