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Bye Bye New York...... Hello Berlin

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I love New York,funny enough that's what my t-shirt states right now. Saying goodbye to New York sucked, i only wished we stayed longer there!!! Amanda was happy to move on to europe and get to Berlin, where i wanted to stay!!!!!!! It is an amazing city, i want to go back there in the near future. Last day of New York was on a very tight time frame, as our flight schedule departure with Air Berlin at JFK, was at 17:55. Meaning we had to get to JFK at 14:55 three hours before, and the was a vetrans parade in the city so trafic will be bad (equivalent to our ANZAC day). Meaning our transfer was at 13:20, so not much time for anything, seeing we had a flight coming up, i let Amanda sleep in a bit. (Amanda here, i love how he says he "let" me :p)

First item on the agenda was to get some aspirin for the plane, then get some coffee. After this we decided we will go to the souvenir stores, i got the classic I LOVE NY t-shirt, and a cool sticker to commemorate our time spent there. Then we had one last thing to do, go see Grand Central Station. It was close to our hotel, but seeing the souvenir store was in time square and the station was the other direction, we were starting to rush as time was ticking down, it was almost one, our check out time.

So the big rush began, New York by the way is the most easiest place to navigate, we never got lost once, well except really for this time, but we didn't get that lost :p So on the map, we were at grand central station, but seeing the station spans like four blocks or something i couldn't find the entrance. So we are standing there i am getting frustrated cause we are there but cant find how to get it :p The time is to close for comfort. With the name Grand in its title, i though it would have a Grand entrance, well i was mistaken, found the entrance not glamorous :p But inside was cool, it was so big, had a really quick look around, got some quick photos and video footage. Amanda got a photo of me there, as she attempted to take the photo, the zoom lens was on the camera, therefore she kept on moving back and back. When she got to the correct length to get the photo, she was holding up the traffic of people behind her, while i kept telling her to turn off the flash, turn off the flash, that was amusing part of the day.

We rushed back to the hotel in time, packed our last few things, checked out and waited for the transfer to arrive, with having our last bit of coins and one note in U.S currency, i counted it up finding it was $2 and something. Made me quite happy as a hot dog = two bucks. As we waited in the lobby, i had to get out the voucher for the transfer, as going through the backpack, i found things i wanted to throw into the bin, me and Amanda had no idea where the bin was. So with clever thinking and Amanda not telling me to stop it but only giving me a dirty look, i placed the peanuts, the empty small packed of cereal and empty tissue box i raided from the room, i placed them in the drawers that were placed next to the chairs inside the hotel business centre which was near the lobby. Job successful.

So transfer arrived and off to the airport, the small van was full already, with only two seats left separated, Amanda sat in the front, i sat in the back. I had Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys on repeat blasting in my ear, while i stare through the window at New york not wanting to LEAVE!!!!!!! But was time to say goodbye :( what an emotional farewell as we crossed over the bridge leaving New York :p i wasn't crying but ..... i think you get the picture :p So we get to the airport, even just driving around you could see how enormous this airport was. There were eight hugely spread out different terminals for different airlines. the driver dropped people off saying the Airline the terminal was for. As we get to one of the terminals we were the last people in the car and Amanda thought he said this was the last terminal for everyone. I got out of the van and asked him where Air Berlin was, as he had not announced it at every terminal, and i had already told him the airline before we got into the van. He decided to have a go at me, saying that i should of known which terminal to get off. After about 2 mins later and some nice yelling at one another, i believe i got the point across about how was i meant to know which terminal air berlin is at because apparently everyone in the world should know this. Upon entering back in the van, first thing Amanda says to me is "harry calm down" how did she know i was pissed off :p

So we were a bit early to the airport, we proceeded to get our boarding pass. We asked for an aisle seat for me, once we had our boarding passes, we looked at the seating and it appeared we were not seating together as Amanda was on same row as me but was a couple letters difference between us!!!! We were pretty confused by this but thought we'd figure it out on the plane. We got some lunch, delicious Big Mac yum yum yum. Bordered the plane and found out we were sitting together. Not only that but it was two seats by themselves as the plane layout was 2, 3, 2 in terms of seating, so Amanda had the window and i had the aisle, we were so happy and the plane was really nice, had a good entertainment system, really comfy seats they also went back far. The only downside to the flight in Amanda's eyes, was the breakfast they served. Some classic european breakfast......... meat. There was two different types of meat, one looked like salami and the other appeared as turkey. A thick cut of some cheese, blueberry muffin, a roll with butter, some yoghurt. Seeing i will eat pretty much anything, i made a trade with Amanda, the meat for the yogurt, knowing she will never eat the meat it was my duty as a man to finish the meat!!!! i did in about 20 seconds :p (amanda here again.. what a man.. finishing the meat *rolls eyes*, it was more like i just took his yoghurt and gave him my meat).

We arrived in Berlin it was a chilly 2 degrees and we looked at each other knowing the real cold of europe was going to hit us from now on, went though passport control which for once was quick!!! waited for our bags, and waited and waited. Finally the bags started to come out, my bag was first and then Amanda's came out, it is a hard one to sport cause it looks like everyone else's bag. Got our transfer to our hotel and it is so nice and modern, really spacious. We were both really happy with it :) we checked in and everything and the hotel is really clever.. they say to you.. so we don't have your "superior" type of room ready yet, that will be ready at 3pm, but if you want to upgrade for 20 euros per night for a "deluxe" room which is just a bit bigger and more spacious, that room would be ready right now... Really clever if you ask me (amanda :P) because who seriously would rather wait till 3pm when they've had no sleep on an overnight plane and would just prefer to be able to get in straight away! It was around 10 in the morning when we arrived, so we decided to rest and watch a show for half hour then get up eat and maybe just go into town and have a look around. Well this was the plan.. in reality we both fell asleep in probably the first five minutes of the show, woke up at like three in the afternoon, then fell asleep again woke up around 7 at night, ordered room service ate, fell back asleep. Amanda is still sleeping now it is 5;30 in the morning. We have breakfast included so looking forward to that and our first day of seeing berlin.

It's 7am now, i (amanda) have been ordered to check and edit the blog by harry while he's gone to the gym for a bit. We've been getting into a habit of going to the gym nearly every day.. new york had a good one too. I usually go as well but.. lets just say i'm in bed with a hot water bottle on my tummy!

P.S I will upload some photo's tomorrow, just been super super lazy :p

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